Monday, April 30, 2012


I never win anything. Seriously.
I know a lot of people say that, but I bet you've won something at least once.
Even my boyfriend has won 100,000 coins on Bejeweled Blitz spins. Me, never. The most I've gotten is 25,000.

But that has all changed. Now, I can say that I have won something once. And what a great win it was.

I won Mini Dork's Glam Collection giveaway!!! Jelly? You should be. Because they're gorgeous and look great in my house.



                                                                            A close up.

Please excuse the unfinished dresser. I've recently been distracted from finishing it by HP minis. I have two loves in miniature, apparently. The room looks pretty bare. I haven't even finished the windows. But I wanted to display my prizes NOW!!

Thank you thank you, Mini Dork for making this beautiful items, and the giveaway God for choosing me to recieve them.

I like having large pictures. I don't like blogs where the pics are all teeny weeny and you have to poke them to see it bigger and it opens up a whole new black screen thing. Not all things are good in miniature. I like my photos HUGE! So I can see all the details.

Potted tree: Michael's Craft Store
White wire bed: Dollhouse store (because it was on sale, half off!)
Bedding: Made by me
Unfinished dresser: Made by me
Mirror: Michael's Craft Store
Books: Made by me
Glam Collection: Made by Mini Dork

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