Tuesday, April 3, 2012


What is the plural for a Munny?

This post is also unrelated to minis since I've been taking a small break from them because I've been obsessively reading "The Hunger Games."

For Christmas last year I made Munny Christmas ornaments for each of my four close friends from high school. Every year we do an ornament exchange.

Of course, I forgot to take pictures of them all and how awesome they turned out, and even the pictures I DO have, they aren't exactly finished in- because I have yet to spray them with gloss which made them really pop.

I designed them around my friends' personalities and lives and I tried to make them look like them, in a cartoonish way.

Doctor Munny

 She loves Sunflowers, the color yellow, and giraffes.

 Boo Munny. She loves Tiffany's and pigs.
Like my papertowel background? haha

Her two kitties (the tail is a ball of yarn)

Did I mention I LOVE Harry Potter?! I'm a superfan. These are pictures of my wand, and Roo's wand.
They were handmade for us by one of my friend's father-in-law.

Roo's is birch wood, with zebra hair core, and shark tooth.

Mine is Blueberry Bush with Polar Bear hair core and Amethyst stone

At Christmas we make "Gingerbread Houses" (out of Graham Crackers). I made Hogwarts!

Which leads me to my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!
I already started designing it.

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