Sunday, April 15, 2012

An HP Obsession

So I've been taking a break from modern minis because I've been absolutely obsessed with making HP ones.

I am the biggest Harry Potter fan that I know (in person) and just LOVE replicating these magical items.
Right now I am doing a project for one of my childhood friend's father-in-law. He is the one that generously handcrafted me and my son's Harry Potter wands. He didn't charge us a cent for them and just mailed them to us out of the goodness of his heart because he knew how much we both loved Harry Potter and how much we'd appreciate them.

Let me tell you, WE LOVE THEM. Many duels have been had between the two of us. (We don't use unforgiveable curses).

Anyways, I've wanted to make him something to say thank you for a long time, but had no inspiration.

So, I have decided to make him an HP mini. I am making Harry Potter's chest, chock full of items Harry would have and bring to Hogwarts. Everything is going to be made by hand. I have already made the chest out of foam board and covered it in leather looking paper. Now I am working on the items to go inside.

Such as:

Chocolate Frogs!

The first one took me longer than I'm willing to admit. But I have gotten much more efficient! I can crank these babies out like nothing. WOOT!

I take all pictures with my iPhone. I really should invest in a better camera. These look SO much more awesome in person. These blurry pics make me frustrated. I just can't keep my hand from shaking.

And my potions!

I really love the Draught of Living Death

Unicorn Horns

Dragon Blood

 Veritaserum, Moonstones, Runespoor Eggs, and Acromantula Venom

The trunk I made to put everything in. It's not done!!!! This is just the basic trunk.


  1. I Love the Chocolate Frogs :), Have thought about making some myself also...can you imagine at all why.. :D

  2. Thanks for finding my blog! On the subject of selling HP minis. I had several attempts on ebay a few years ago and every time, if i used the name harry Potter in the title, even if i put harry potter "style" the items were removed by ebay after someone reported them for copyright, either someone on JK Rowlings team or Warner Bros. Mine werent even Honeydukes actual branded sweets, they were merely large lollies etc but as i used the HP name even though i had lots of interest and bids they were removed. Its daft and i wrote to ebay asking why someone could get upset over an item that would make me a profit of literally only a few pounds as opposed to Jk's millions ( all well deserved of course!) but they using the HP name is against copyright! Like you say you can just use the words " wizard" in the name. Shame is there are alot of us doing HP projects and it would be nice for us to be able to put HP in the search engines on ebay but now i know to put wizard when looking for things. Plus now you have a blog you can use that to advertise your etsy or ebay shop so we all know when your listing HP things even though you dont use the name? GO for it! I LOVE the frogs and would definatly be interested in buying a dozen or so of the boxed ones to put on my Honeydukes shelves, of course giving Full credit to you when showing them off on my blog! Books too! I love the Gilderoy ones you have done! Well done keep it up, always cool to see HP projects! Kate xx

    1. Thank you so much for your informative comment! I'll definitely remember your tips and tricks :)

      I am trying to build up some inventory for my Etsy before I open one. I just have absolutely zero experience with this kind of thing and that being said, have no idea how to price things either. I guess I'll have to do some research!


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