Thursday, May 3, 2012

The House That Dad Built

Rather... the house dad is in the process of building!

I have a co-worker, an older woman, a grandma! (Okay she's not that old she's like 50 something?). Anyways, she was my first "friend" at work when I started working at this job. She answered all my questions, and sat next to me in the front office, and kept me company. She was so unjudgemental and welcoming and warm. She has had some financial problems as many of us do in this economy and she loves her grandkids more than ANYTHING.

There was one time she left for lunch a little bit early because she had to go bring her granddaughter a snack at school because the little girl has diabetes and her mother forgot to pack her a snack! From what I gather, the mother of her three granddaughters is a bit... forgetful. My co-worker is always doing things for the kids and said she wishes she could take custody of them but she really can't afford it. Her and her husband are still taking care of his 2 kids (her stepkids) and they still live with them.

She mentioned once a while ago that she really wished she could get the three little girls ages 7, 5, and 18 months a dollhouse for them to all play with. One of those really big ones so they could all have space to play. She showed me a couple pics but they were all, of course, hundreds of dollars.

This is when I decided to build her grandkids a dollhouse and give it to her for them for Christmas. CHRISTMAS IS MY DEADLINE!

My dad, is an architect and owns a contracting company that renovates and builds houses and such.
So I asked him to help me out!

After much research on my part, I designed a simple layout for a dollhouse much like a Lundby but bigger and asked him to cut me the boards and stuff and mail them to me (he lives in Massachusetts, I live in LA), and I could put them together, paint it, decorate it, make it some furnishings, and light it (if I work up the balls). I'm afraid of electricity.

He just sent me a picture the other day of the dollhouse under construction!
EEK I'm SO EXCITED! He said my mom even helped him sand it LOL.

It's crazy how cheaply a dollhouse can be made, yet they sell for hundreds.
He said he's thinking of making a couple more to auction off at his work's silent auction (they give all the proceeds to charity).

I should note, that I also COERCED him into making a double. One for meeee!!!!
I am going to get rid of my old Craigslist fixer upper that I got for $50, and turn this one into my dream modern dollhouse. YES YES YES!! I cannot wait for him to mail the pieces to me!

It's like he made me a dollhouse kit haha. He had tons of scrap wood lying around and has a huge workshop in our basement with all kinds of tools and heavy machinery, so he whipped this up in one weekend. He said he got frustrated because he made one of the panels backwards (like I know what that means). But it was pretty simple. I have NO skills with wood and am afraid of power tools so YAY DAD!!

A work in progress, but isn't it gorgeous?! I am going to make that ledge into a deck. I think I'll put clear railing-things up all around it.

Now I really need to learn how to wire a dollhouse haha.


  1. what a nice idea!!! and how wonderful to have such a Dad!!!! :)
    i also made a simple one, from some shelves and a lot of cardboard,,,it is fussy, but one can do it!!! your story is so about some small contribution to your house? i would love to send something for it! let us know the progress...and then we'll see what you might need! Many greetings, Anne

  2. That is so very sweet of you!
    Donations for the girls house would be wonderful. I've been thinking about it and though I can make some furniture, I have to remember it's going to be played (battered) with by three girls under the age of 10, so it has to be pretty durable. Therefore, the furniture I'm going to make for their dollhouse is going to be much more simple in hopes that it will hold up for awhile!

  3. I'd love to!!!when you start thinking about decorating etc...please let me know! The things i make are all from recycled materials, so it is really not expensive ...and as i am still quite a beginner, they are simple and suitable for little girls with a lot of playing!! :) How about a little sofa with 2 armchairs and cushions? some "books" and a baby-bed? I suppose it is all sort of 1:12?
    Well, don't want to drive you is just, that your idea with this present is really so sweet !

    1. We have the same name! Haha! I took a look at your blog and your minis are so adorable! I especially loved the children things like the prams and cradles. I will, of course, post updates on my blog about the girls' dollhouse. Yes, it is all 1:12, and you are so so generous to offer your handmade items to someone you don't even know. Thank you.


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