Friday, April 6, 2012

I've Found My Mini Making Passion


Yes, books.

I have discovered that I love, and am pretty good at (*tooting own horn*) making mini books.
Granted, it's not that difficult and doesn't require mad skillz but hey, at least they look decent.

Online mini books can cost up to $30! FOR ONE.
Sheesh. I should start selling mine for a dollar a piece. Honestly, 50 cents and I'd probably still be making a small profit.

All the pages open. Most of these books are not "modern." They are meant for my Harry Potter Hogwarts House.


  1. These really are gorgeous, YOU SHOULD SELL!!! Maybe on etsy? I would buy some!!! Oh and send me your mailing address. ;) You won my giveaway!

    1. YAYYY! I emailed you. I WAS thinking of Etsy but I don't know if I'm dedicated enough to crank stuff out in mass production to sell.


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