Wednesday, April 18, 2012

HELP!! I'm confused!!

My boyfriend has been suggesting that I start selling stuff on Etsy, and I made these awesome mini books... and chocolate frogs... etc... and other things...

But is it legal for me to sell them since they're not orginally my images and ideas? The chocolate frogs are of course, from the movie and images I've found on Google, or images of Harry Potter stuff I wasn't the one who initially created them so they aren't mine. I've USED them to create things... and I've seen many people making replicas of things and selling them but I have no idea what is legal and what isn't and as I want to be a good, honest, law-abiding person, and not go to jail, I would appreciate any information.

I looked this issue up online but was even more confused by what I read!


Can I not sell any of these items because they're not my original idea?


  1. Hi,
    I know when it comes to books, replicas are subject to copyright. Dateman books (who sell replica miniature novels) only sell copies from authors who are now deceased. However, the question is ---would J K Rowling worry about something that isn't actually reducing sales of her 1:1 items. Another miniaturist had this problem recently after making an item similar to a full scale one. She sought legal advice and the outcome in a nutshell was that the full scale seller would have to prove that the miniature version was reducing profits from the sale of his 1:1 design. Unless the Harry Potter franchise are selling the same (miniature) products then I don't think you need to worry too much

  2. Thanks for responding! The images I use in the books, since they are mini too, it's ok even though it's not my original artwork?

    1. I would think it's okay. How many mini poster, books, cd's, records etc have you seen with a copy of the original artwork? I wouldn't worry aboout it =0)


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