Monday, April 23, 2012

Attempting Sculpting

I have been experimenting with sculpting.
As I get more into making minis, my repertoire of materials is slowly expanding. I like to try my hand at new things.

So, for my first attempt at sculpting I decided to try making a cauldron out of Sculpey.
It came out better than expected actually.

My hands are always sooo warm, I don't know why, and usually sweaty to boot. I know. Ew.
So the clay gets very very malleable... almost too much... to the consistency of putty. So I have to make sure to sculpt while being cold. It doesn't make for much comfort, but at least the clay isn't reducing to slime in my hands.

                                                                    Fresh from the oven

                        And then I discovered GLAZE. It made it look 10x better, in my opinion.

I put a tiny scroll of spare parchement in it :D

And then I put a nail clipper next to it for size... not the best idea, but it was what I had laying next to me and I was too lazy to get up to go find a quarter or something.

I also sculpted a quil pen to go with the parchment. It is seriously small.

And one of those old fashioned candle holder things with a candle in it (okay I don't know the word for it).

My photography skills need a lot of work. The backgrounds are just appalling, like in this next picture:

I sort of tried for a background here, but couldn't fit everything in and then needed two hands (one to hold up that back piece of paper from falling over, and one to take the picture) and got frustrated with the lighting (I pulled over our only floor lamp and held it up with my knee to shine directly on this) and finally gave up after this picture, which was the best. Yes, I use only my phone camera. If I start selling, I guess I'll need to learn to take some better photographs.

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  1. Very cool, lovely to see more HP minis! I have left a long comment on selling them in the post on your chocolate frogs which i love by the way! Kate x


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