Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hello Tiny World

I haven't posted in a while because I am trying to get in shape.
I am THE most out of shape person I know!!
I know I am not fat, and I have a decent looking body in a bathing suit, nothing to be TOO ashamed of, but I'm not entirely pleased with it.
I want to look better, be stronger, and have more endurance.

I've been going to Crossfit at the gym James goes to and it's been kicking my @$$ to tell the truth.
There are women there that are MUCH heavier than me, and look a lot flabbier, but they can outrun me, lift more weight than me, squat more reps than me, and get a better time on our WAD (workout of the day). It's just slightly depressing realizing that I am so out of shape I wonder how I am functioning, moving, and alive.

I have asthma, but that is no excuse! I am an out of shape blob, proved by my near immobility due to soreness that has occurred after my gym trips. I could barely walk a day after my first Crossfit experience, and I almost fell down the stairs as my legs buckled and thighs burned I was so sore. I actually thought I had INJURED my left arm it hurt so badly, and I spent two days soaking in a bath of Epsom Salts.

Such is the reason of my mini neglect.
Lack of time (taken up by Crossfit) and lack of mobility (in legs, arms, fingers, neck, EVERYTHING). I didn't even have the energy to lift a pair of scissors.

Got to get back on the horse though! These are some items I shall be selling in my future Etsy. I'm working on finishing up examples and taking decent photographs of them (which has proved to be immensely difficile).

Now, I designed all the labels you see myself, EXCEPT for the Bezoar label. I'm not sure who made it, as I found it on Google Images, and therefore am not sure if I am "allowed" to use it.

Please know that I would never knowingly copy or use anyone else's work.
However there are some images for potion labels I found on Google Images that I am unsure if I can use and sell my products with those images on them. I believe the images are for public use, but I really don't know if I can sell minis for my profit using them. I will post some pictures of the minis I have made with those labels later, and you can input your thoughts on this subject. If I can't use them, it's really no big deal, I can make my own labels. I just really liked them and thought they look cool. And I can keep the ones I have made for my own personal collection.

Just please don't jump down my throat. I am an admittedly novice mini maker and seller and am not knowledgeable in all the "rules and regulations" of copyrights etc... I am trying to learn though and would never purposefully offend anyone by stealing their idea. I have read some harsh blog posts, calling out copycats, and while most likely deserved, I don't know the full story. I just hope no such posts will ever be directed at me!

...looking over my photos, I realize I probably should have shown what's INSIDE the bottles haha oops.
I guess I'll have to retake these with some of the actual product next to the jar.