Friday, June 1, 2012

The House that Dad Built II

I've been so busy, what with Roo's Parent's Night and finding, transporting, and setting up our new dresser (HOORAY!) that I haven't had the time to get started on putting together the dollhouse kits my dad sent me! ...Ok, I also was slightly (read "very") intimidated by them.

Yeeks that's a lot of very big, heavy, confusing, and non-instruction bearing wood pieces.

My dad, not one for instructions (because he's such a genius he never needs them! I'm not kidding or being sarcastic. He once put together and installed a new dishwasher and Insinkerator for me without looking at the manual once) just sent me all the pieces and supposed I'd figure out what piece goes where by some alphabeticals and numerals. A goes to A, I get it... but I was seriously confused anyways.

I decided, to be safe, not to just glue it and screw it right off the bat. So I set it up (all the pieces fit together beautifully) as a dry run and just propped it against my coffee table.

Lookin' good!
I plan to do french doors in the bottom where that big door cut out is, and sliding glass doors on the top right that opens into the patio, as well as putting up railings of some sort or plexiglass around the sides of the patio so no mini people fall to their mini deaths.

I had to put in some furniture to test the scale for size!

Me likey! Instant hardwood flooring hehe

Of course, I need to paint and wallpaper and etc etc...

Nice, my kitchen pieces fit! Now I am so glad I made each counter piece individual so they can be moved around and put together like a puzzle to fit any sized space.

Well I had done all this last night, but when I came out in the morning, Roo (who wakes up earlier than me and gets dressed and watches T.V.) had set up "his" mini room the way HE likes it! He won't really play with the dollhouse while other people are around, but I know he likes it because he'll set up mini scenes and I can hear him playing with the little dolls and stuff when I'm in my room.

More things going on now than how I had it set up. I like it. It seems more like a realistic kids room with the bit of clutter. By nature, Roo is actually pretty neat for a kid. Unlike me- I'm a disaster slob.

When I asked him about it, Roo said that the boy in yellow was him, and the boy in blue was his, "little brother that I call poopie and beat him up." Wonderful. So happy for my future kids with a big brother like Roo. -.-

And we found a new dresser on Craigslist! THANK GOODNESS! No more ghetto livin'

From shabby,

To chic!

Now I want to make a dresser like this in mini! I really love it. In the picture it came out as brown, but in real life, it's a much softer looking almost grey color.


  1. Que hermosa casa construyó para ti tu padre Anna!
    El mueble que remplazó al viejo mueble es hermosos también.
    Un abrazo

  2. Great pictures. The construction is progressing and I'm excited to see how it goes.
    Hugs from Craftland

  3. wonderful house!! (from a wonderful Dad..i suppose!!!) that will be a huge fun to get it ready!! Your kitchen is fantastic!!!
    When my boys were like yours in age..they also loved setting up scenes in a -very very simple- dollhouse!! it would gte wild from time to time, with many robbers, knifes and rifles, cooking teddys etc!!! will send you some fotos!! Many Greetings!

  4. The house is GREAT! You have a gifted Father! Not to mention Roo - love his scene! I like kitchen furnitr too!

  5. What a cool Dad. I take it you take after him for you clever ideas and ability to make your own mini furniture. Lookin' good already


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