Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Mother's Minis

My mom has a dollhouse! And minis to go with it!

...I knew this... a long time ago. I guess I just wasn't into it then so I didn't pay much attention.
Now that I AM into it, my mom has become very excited to show me her minis.
Of course, they're not modern because she's old (hehe) and they are from her childhood dollhouse. But I have realized that I am not a one-niche-kind-of-woman, and I am actually interested in many different types of minis: Modern, Medieval, Harry Potter, Witchy/Wizardry, Antique, etc...

My blog subscriptions mirror my interests. And they are eclectic.

Last night my mom sent me some pictures of her minis, and they are really cool! A lot of them look amazing- especially the dolls! How detailed! How well made! They don't make them like THAT anymore!

So, I'm here to share. Without further ado: Introducing, my mother's minis!

Oooh I'm just in awe of the dolls.


I guess the table can angle up for some reason?

I think I saw this swing on someone else's blog? But I can't be sure. Maybe it's not the same one.

EEK I love the stove too! My mom said it's cast iron.

Her mini tea set is prettier than mine.

So is her piano.

Her box of accessories. The pie looks tasty. I haven't eaten yet today.

This is my mom!! She's going to be 62 in August but everyone says she looks much younger. She doesn't dye her hair! She only has a couple of grey hairs. I bought her that dress for Mother's Day :) I love her so much!!!! And I miss her. She lives in Massachusetts, where I grew up. She's so cute. That's my little sister's reflection in the window taking the picture. She cracks me up!

She didn't take a picture of the dollhouse. But it's pretty cool too. I'll ask her to take a pic later.
My mom has no idea where any of her items came from because they were mostly gifts she got when she was little. So if anyone has any idea of the history of any of the items pictured, please let me know! She said she'd love to know any information on them!

...I think she'll let me have them tee hee


  1. how interesting! i love the stove, too! That seems to be a special piece- i don't think i have seen it anywhere...up to now! And the faces of the dolls are great, especially the female ones!

  2. Que bonitas miniaturas de tu Mamá!
    Y ella es muy guapa
    Un abrazo

  3. The treasures of your mother are beautiful. In particular, the dolls are great.
    Hugs from Craftland to you and your mother

  4. Wow fantastic treasures. The stove is amazing and the dolls wow are beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

  5. This is a real treasure trove! How wonderful that your mum has kept them for you all to share now.


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