Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mysterious Dollhouse 1

This dollhouse is being sold on Craigslist for the bargain price of... $20!!! I would get it except I just got two huge packages in the mail which are the dollhouses my dad has made for me and my coworker's grandchildren... and James might kill me if I spend money on more dollhouse things since I promised I wouldn't until I've sold some of what I have. Also, we're trying to save up for a new dresser.

But this dollhouse just has so much character!

I don't know why I like it. I just do.

However, this is why I cannot buy it:

Dollhouse kits from dad, waiting to be assembled. They are ridiculously heavy. I can't carry one by myself. I presume they'll be incredibly sturdy. I peeked inside and the wood he used is at least a half an inch thick.

James tried to be "handy" and "fix" our two dressers. 
This is what happened.

It's gotten worse from this picture. Now we have had to pull out all the drawers and basically just stack them. It's so ghetto. We are scouring Craigslist looking for replacement(s).


  1. o dear....i suppose "real" life things have to be fixed,too!! Who knows...perhaps that (wonderful!!!) dollhouse you saw could be build DIY,too??? :)

  2. So many thing to put together.;D Can't wait to see your dad's houses!


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