Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Long Overdue

I feel so badly I almost didn't want to write this post, but I have to as it's totally deserved.

A VERY LONG TIME AGO, I purchased this wonderful chocolate chip cookie prep board that I just had to have. It was amazingly realistic and my first delve into taking a slight interest in miniature foods. The artist's blog is: http://ilovelittlethings.blogspot.com/ and her mini foods are so realistic!

Anyways, I am embarrassed that it took me this long to write a post about the truly spectacular things she sent me. My excuse is that I just got caught up in so many other tangents in the mini world and... ok I'm just indecently forgetful.

Back when I got my purchase, I was still so new to the mini world that I did not know that sometimes, lovely mini makers will include a special bonus gift in their package to you. So not only did I get my wonderful chocolate chip cookie prep board, she ALSO sent me some fried chicken, french fries, and a coke bottle! I originally thought that there had been some mistake and she sent it to me by accident or that I had accidentally ordered it as well... but after reading some more of the blogs I follow, I soon realized she had added it specially for me :)

I want to take the time to thank her SO much for the generosity and the incredible quality of her goods.
If anyone should need mini food- check out her blog here: http://ilovelittlethings.blogspot.com/

The recipe card is so teeny weeny! Everything looks even better and you can see the painstaking details more in real life.

I have not taken the fried chicken out of the package yet, because I was afraid more of the crispy part would fall off and I was saving it for a mini scene which I have yet to make- as I have yet to finish a kitchen or dining room... sigh. I get so distracted! Mini ADD.

Sorry it took me so long to post about this, and THANK YOU!


  1. Hi Anna,
    Nice to meet you, i just found your blog and i love it!
    This artist work is amazing, i am a big fan of her blog.There is where i found your blog.
    I loooove the kitchen you made and all the beautiful books.
    I have also a miniature blog, your welcome to visit http://diaryofaminiaturist.blogspot.com

  2. Great work from http://ilovelittlethings.blogspot.com/. I'm also a follower of her wonderful blog.
    Hugs from Craftland


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