Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mandrake #1 Winner!

I've been very lucky recently! I won my first giveaway a few weeks back, and then just won my second!
I have gone through my entire life not winning anything, so this has come as such a nice surprise for me :)

The amazingly talented and detail oriented Tara from 19th Day Miniatures had a giveaway of three Mandrakes. The first winner got to choose which out of the three they wanted, and the second got to choose between the remaining two, and the third winner got the last one.

Well I was the last winner, and I would have been happy to receive ANY of them. BUT AS IT SO HAPPENS...I WANTED THE #1 MANDRAKE AND THAT'S WHAT I GOT!!!!!! Oh lucky lucky meeee!! *evil smile*

I personally liked the first one the best and would have picked it had I been the first winner. Woo to the HOO! I'm so happy with it. It's absolutely gorgeous, so incredibly detailed! I love how it has grains of sand/dirt embedded into the Mandrake's body so it genuinely looks like it came up out of the earth.

Isn't she amazing?! I named her Zola.
Thank you so much Tara!!


  1. Es una planta fantástica!
    Me alegro mucho de que la hayas ganado. Tara es una magnífica artista
    Un abrazo
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

  2. Congratulations on your wonderful win. Zola is fantastic enjoy :)
    Hugs Maria

  3. Congretulations on your win, Zola is very funny and well made.


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