Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Advancements, Improvements, and Updates

I made a set of the "Standard Book of Spells" books... well except for Grade 6 & 7. I didn't get to them last night!

I really like how they came out. They look text book-y and each is full of spells and pictures that I have taken the liberty of assuming they learned in that specific grade. The covers start out light and are going to fade to black. Almost every spell has a picture to go with it that I found that matches up. Making up the insides of the books took FOREVER, but I'm pretty pleased.

I've found that binding the books so that they EASILY open to be readable is tricky. All the books can be opened and read but then they want to STAY opened, so to get them back flat I have to press them again.

Each book gets a bit thicker as the grade levels go up and the amount of spellwork the students are learning increases. The insides of the books are really cool if I do say so myself. I like reading through them!

I have improved my chocolate frogs as I've become more adept at sculpting. I have not, however, improved my photography skills.

Ew my windowsill is dusty...

They look better in person...

And HOORAY my Dad emailed me to let me know he has finished the dollhouse kits for my coworker's grandchildren (and one for me hehe) and mailed them! I thought it was just going to be a gluing project... but I was wrong. I'm a little intimidated, but I'll figure it out... hopefully. I really am sort of a moron when it comes to measurements and construction.

Pilot drill what? Phillips bit huh? Heated screws for HIDDEN LOCATIONS??

I suppose he thinks I'm a wizard and it's JAMES that might have a cordless drill. I have no such powers of finding hidden things... I can't even find the "hidden hole" in a bowtie when you're tying it and I worked in retail for a year! And I certainly do not have a cordless drill.

 I have a hammer and a screwdriver and a mini electric sander which now I'm glad I bought since it looks like it will be put to use. Oh boy. I hope it's easier than he made it sound...


  1. The books came out fantastic and the chocolate frogs are so cute.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. I think the books are great as are the frogs and box! Very tidy and neat! ;o))) Well done you!

    Phillips drill bits fit a star shaped head on some screws. Some screw heads are just a straight line...clear as mud huh! lol

    Carpenters glue = wood glue, much stronger than white glue and dries quicker. Your Dad sounds as he knows his stuff so I am sure he will help. I use a cordless drill they are worth having for mini's and for around the home.

    Michelle :o)

    1. Thanks for the advice Michelle! I am so hopeless at woodworking and construction! Yes, my dad does know his stuff, as he's an architect and owns a business that rennovates and constructs houses and buildings. Unfortunately, I was never too interested in constructing anything more complicated than a milk carton birdhouse... :)


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