Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thanks, Spirit!

I've been waiting and waiting for Spirit, Roo's Bearded Dragon to shed again so I can harvest his skin to put into my mini bottles. Boomslang skin anyone? The tricky part is, the little bugger EATS the skin he sheds so I have to be really quick to get it, OR peel it off of him which I think is bad and hurts him, because he does NOT seem to like it... and Roo yells that I'm hurting him when I do it. So I've just been watching and waiting patiently to swoop in and steal his shedded skin. This is all I could manage to get!! Sheesh. And he only sheds maybe once every month and a half or less. It does look cool. That's Roo's hand in the picture.

I attempted to make a no-sew (I can't really sew) invisibility cape. The one I, myself, imagined when I read the books- not the one in the movie which is this furry looking thing. In the books it's described as silver and "like water woven into fabric." I am not happy with how this cape turned out. The fabric is too stiff so it won't hang in nice drapes around my mini model, and I just cut it out haphazardly with no pattern and it's too short in the front. I think it's going in the TRASH! The only thing I like is how it's kind of see through... it almost gives a pretense of invisibility.

Ugh. Rubbish.

 "Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit" covered in Dragon hide.

These shall eventually be for sale in my future Etsy.


  1. Thankyou for your kind comments!!!! your books are beautiful! nd the cape doesn;t look that bad!!! but i can understand, if you are not so happy with it! but that;s difficult to find "silver and "like water woven into fabric" :) ....but a nice thing to look out for!!!!

  2. and thanks for signing in as follower!! great , i am always so excited and happy with all the wonderful interest you all show!! :)


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