Sunday, March 25, 2012

Unfinished Things

I did a little work on a little bit of the rooms in my dollhouse this weekend. The photos aren't too impressive because nothing is finished. I think have dollhouse ADD. I keep switching around and never finishing any of the rooms! Except Roo's cause he whined and begged and forced me to finish it first.

The half wall papered babies room and half stained crib

 My room. So far, very bare.

 The rather unfinished storage unit Ikea thing. I haven't put in all the dividers yet haha
It was very hard trying to cram my hand and phone in, to take this picture.

 The kitchen. I got the flooring and wall paper done and a corner cabinet.

 And I filled the fridge!

I wish the weekends were longer.

LOL my boyfriend just started singing "It's a tiny world, in a tiny houuuuse" to the tune of "Barbie Girl"

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