Saturday, March 10, 2012

Roo's Room!

I originally was going to do this the "right" way and finish sanding and gutting the whole house and the exterior before I started working on each room... but again with the no patience...

I went to the dollhouse store for the first time today. It was a good 35-40 minute drive but totally worth it. I spent too much money but figured I'll sacrifice that new bag I wanted for my hobby. The things you do. *shakes head*

So after scoring all this neat stuff at the dollhouse store and then Marukai because it was close, I HAD to set up Roo's room.


...After- ROO'S ROOM!!

 I made the bedding myself (as well as the bunk beds). I love the dinosaur pillows!
The wallpaper is temporary. I just cut out scrapbook paper to fit the room.
The floor is tacky paper from Marukai.

I splurged on these Harry Potter mini series at the dollhouse store. But it was worth it!! I mean, I HAD to have Harry Potter!!!! The Angry Birds pig was a keychain. The trucks are those Japanese erasers (found at Marukai), the storage bins I made out of paper, and the monkey, sword, and fools gold I borrowed from Roo's actual toy box.

 I added the bowling set for this pic. Also a Japanese eraser.
The easel and canvas are from Swain's.

 I made the hanging bubble chair and the rug :)
AHHHHH!!! I am just loving it so much. 

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  1. I LOVE the dinosaur pillows and the little monkey is cute. Great work on the stuff you built. It's gotta feel good to have one room put together. 1 down, 8 to go. :D


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