Friday, March 9, 2012

My First (Adult) Dollhouse

I found such a sweet deal on Craigslist!

$50.00 for a huge 3 story dollhouse. It's a fixer upper, but structurally sound, already wired for electricity (though I'm now thinking I might want to redo that too...) and gorgeous. My wonderful boyfriend served as bodyguard on the potentially dangerous dollhouse mission. But the sellers turned out to be very nice. Thank goodness. AND IT WAS EVEN BETTER IN PERSON THAN IT WAS IN THE PICTURES!!!!!!!

Here it is, in it's rough state

The grotesque kitchen

That window makes this room look so ghetto NYC circa 1960.

Poor curtain. 

I think they used velvet fabric for the "wall-to-wall carpeting." It is proving to be extremely difficult to get off.

I love the little round window! That's a keeper!

From the front. I am trying to decide whether or not I'm going to scrape off all this siding, because some of it is broken... and the uglified trim.

The scraping has begun
Gutting the dollhouse is hard work. And very dusty. And I think there was cat hair trapped under the rug. I had to take a Benadryl because of my intense allergies and subsequently got so drowsy I had to get to bed! lol

It's gonna be A LOT of work.

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  1. $50 for a wired house!?! Great find. Glad you had back up, that does seem like a sweet deal, but very awesome the sellers turned out to be nice. Definitely looks like a lot of work, but one day at a time. It will be worth it. :D


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