Thursday, March 22, 2012


I went to Toys R Us today during my lunch break at work, in hopes to find some much needed dollhouse accessories to put in my newly made dishwasher, refrigerator, and cabinets.

I didn't walk away empty handed! (That's for sure)

Has anyone ever heard of Squinkies? I think they're fairly new... I could be wrong.
Anyways, they're tiny little figures of characters. I got a Toy Story set to use as toys in Roo's Room! So cool.
And they're pretty cheap, considering how expensive dollhouse minis can get.

Roo has REAL Buzz and Woody toys and LOVES them. So it's just perfect!

I also got this Playmobil kitchen set. Although the furniture is of course, too small, all of the accessories are really just the right size! I guess they make the accessories scaled a little larger for Playmobil? Well it cost me $25.00 and considering how much useful stuff came in that box... WINNING!

This isn't even all the stuff that came in the box. This is just the stuff I'll probably be using.
I just need to repaint some things (like maybe that orange dish rack and that red and yellow serving stuff and mugs)

This is what the box contained:

A close-up

Yay!! I can't wait to get out of work and go fill my mini fridge!

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